[freetds] Windows authentication on Windows

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 05:36:29 EST 2010

2010/1/30 James K. Lowden <jklowden at freetds.org>:
> Frediano Ziglio wrote:
>> > Did I mention how excellent this is?  The FreeTDS community owes you
>> > a big smooch.
>> Sometimes is strange how a thing that is easy for a person could be so
>> appreciated!
>        "It's easy if you know how."
>> Well... some updates and some reminds. I think sspi code could be
>> considered completed:
> Agreed.  Needs only documentation.  (I'm working on it.)
>> As a reminds Kerberos support works since 2007 with empty username and
>> password
> Can username/password be NULL?

Well... empty not NULL... but for user_name is quite the same... I
don't think any system have a "" username!

> The word "Kerberos" does not appear in the UG.  That's because I have no
> direct experience with it and no one who understands it has documented it.

I updated docuementation a bit. Usually the base requirement is to
configure a /etc/krb5.conf file and initialize a ticket with kinit.

> I myself would like to use Kerberos for FreeTDS on RHEL.  Any advice on
> what to tell my Linux admin and my MSSQL admin, to make sure FreeTDS will
> be able to connect?

Well... if TCP/IP is open you should refer to your domain admin (if
your server is in a AD domain... obviously).

>> Perhaps we could remove username/password from tsql or other
>> tools but perhaps is better to add an explicit option
> I don't understand why "isql.exe -E" and "bcp.exe -T" exist.  ISTM if the
> user doesn't provide -U and -P then the library should attempt a domain
> login for $LOGNAME.

It's just a suggestion. Is only that I don't want to see many people
that just pass a server name and expect everything working
magically.... using additional option should help prevent this...
similar effect is possible using explicit empty user and password.

Oh... I noted you committed a patch for getopt support under systems
which don't have getopt however getopt.c is currently under a BSD
license which is not LGPL compatible leading to licenses problems (for
instance tsql using such file should output some additional comments
aboud BSD code). I suggest to use gengetopt getopt.c files (which are


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