[freetds] Force use of UTF-8 instead of ISO8859-1

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Thu Jan 28 01:23:03 EST 2010

Michael Mata wrote:
> I'm running CentOS 5.3, freetds-patched (0.82), and pyodbc 2.1.6, which
> I use to connect to SQL Server 2005.  My freetds.conf file:
> [global]
>         tds version = 8.0
>         client charset = UTF-8
>         text size = 32768

If your odbc.ini isn't using freetds.conf, you won't pick up the client
charset. Make sure you're using "servername" and not "server".  

The default should come from your environment, though.  What does tsql
report when you log in?  


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