[freetds] [patch] fix build with iconv

Mark Brand mabrand at mabrand.nl
Tue Jan 26 20:04:55 EST 2010

We use this configuration building FreeTDS in mingw-cross-env:

./configure \
        --prefix='$(PREFIX)/$(TARGET)' \
        --host='$(TARGET)' \
        --disable-rpath \
        --disable-dependency-tracking \
        --disable-shared \
        --enable-static \
        --enable-libiconv \
        --enable-msdblib \

freetds-0.83.dev.20100122 fails to link a few executables.

This patch fixes the problems by adding iconv where it's missing in the
Makefile.am files.

By the way, do you recommend building with iconv for MinGW?

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