[freetds] Windows authentication on Windows

Mark Brand mabrand at mabrand.nl
Mon Jan 25 05:20:04 EST 2010


I'm wondering about the possibility of using Windows authentication when
using FreeTDS without ODBC to connect to MS SQL Server.  The client
application using FreeTDS is running on Windows.

Connecting using a Windows username of the form domain\username works
fine, but I would like to avoid specifying the password when making the
connection. I am using FreeTDS cross-compiled in mingw-cross-env.

I've read a few things on this subject, for example that it might be
possible to use samba to authenticate from a non-Windows host. But I'm
thinking there might be an easier way if we are running on Windows.

The motivation for doing such a thing is to use the TDS driver in Qt.

Does anyone have experience, tips, or ideas on this subject?


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