[freetds] Using freetds in Windows

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Sat Jan 9 13:55:35 EST 2010

James K. Lowden wrote:
> It's not
> a complete answer because (among other reasons) the db-lib error handler
> won't get the correct error string.  

Hi Freddy, 

A question for you on this topic.  

tdserror() assumes errnum can be converted to a string with strerror(3). 
On Windows that's not true; for winsock errors strerror(3) returns
"Unknown error".  Somehow, we need to pass the Win32 error string
(returned from tds_prwsaerror()) to the client libraries.  But how?  

The db-lib call stack is:

connect(2) (e.g.)
tdserror(TDSCONTEXT, TDSSOCKET, msgno, oserr)
_dblib_handle_err_message(TDSCONTEXT, TDSSOCKET, TDSMESSAGE)
dbperror (DBPROCESS, msgno, oserr)

I don't want to change the interface to dbperror() or tdserror() just for

My suggestion: add 

	char * winsock_errstr 

to TDSSOCKET.  Normally it's NULL.  If libtds detects a win32 socket
error, it looks up the const static string with tds_prwsaerror() and
stores the pointer in winsock_errstr.  When dbperror() calls the client
handler, it examines that pointer.  If not NULL, it passes it to the
client handler instead of calling strerror(3).  To avoid confusion,
dbperror() sets the pointer to NULL after the handler returns. 

I think this would work with the other client libraries, too.  What do you

BTW, I'm working on updates to the UG for 0.92.  



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