[freetds] Problem with connection.

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Thank you, Mr. core-dev for the nice explanation.
That would've been my next step - offer to produce TDSDUMP.

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>Fernando wrote:
>> When the app call
>> it, the function return an error and the message: "FreeTDS: db-lib:
>> exiting because client error handler returned 0 for msgno 20009".
>> Does anyone knows what this error message mean??
>It means the error handler returned 0, which is an instruction to the
>library to call exit(3).  
>$ grep -n INT_ include/sybdb.h
>60:#define INT_EXIT     0
>61:#define INT_CONTINUE 1
>62:#define INT_CANCEL   2
>63:#define INT_TIMEOUT  3
>> /* works fine until here, then I got the error here, not even enter in
>> the if statement */
>> if ((dbconn = dbopen(login, DBSERVER)) == NULL)
>> {
>> 	fprintf(stderr, "ERROR! dbopen() page1.c.\n");
>> 	return FALSE;
>> }
>Zero is INT_EXIT.  dbopen() never returns because when the handler returns
>INT_EXIT, the library exits the program.  
>The default error handler, the one you get if you don't call
>dberrhandle(), usually returns INT_CANCEL, cf. default_err_handler() and
>dbperror() in dblib.c.  However, Sybase's specification, which FreeTDS
>conforms to, says that the default handler "will abort the program if the
>error has made the affected DBPROCESS unusable".  That's what FreeTDS does
>if it was compiled with enable-msdblib=no (the default case).  
>See also
>In your case, dbopen() failed to connect to the server.  It would return a
>DBPROCESS of NULL, which would be unusable and for which DBDEAD() would
>return true.  The default handler detects this, returns INT_EXIT, and the
>library duly quits.  
>The internal function dbperror() produces the message.  I feel if the
>*library* is going to quit, it should write something to standard error.  
>(I could be convinced to change FreeTDS to deviate from Sybase's
>specification in this case.  I've always thought it was weird that
>db-lib's default behavior is to print *nothing*.  But I wouldn't do it
>The message 20009 is SYBECONN, meaning you couldn't connect to the server:
>$ grep 20009 include/sybdb.h
>#define SYBECONN        20009   /* Unable to connect socket -- SQL Server
>#is unavailable or does not exist. */
>A TDSDUMP log may help sorting out why not.  
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