[freetds] Is MS SQL Server closes cursor on every commit/rollback?

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 04:41:08 EDT 2009

This is a server setting. Do you really need to use this option?


Il giorno 25/ott/2009, alle ore 09.08, ikorot at earthlink.net ha scritto:

> Hi, ALL,
> I am trying to develop a program that will
> use an ODBC connection to different DB.
> It will be based on some other C++ library.
> What I found is that the comment to the ODBC interface
> for this library says following:
> // By default, MS Sql Server closes cursors on commit and rollback.   
> The following
> // call to SQLSetConnectOption() is needed to force SQL Server to  
> preserve cursors
> // after a transaction.  This is a driver specific option and is not  
> part of the
> // ODBC standard.  Note: this behavior is specific to the ODBC  
> interface to SQL Server.
> // The database settings don't have any effect one way or the other.
> const long SQL_PRESERVE_CURSORS = 1204L;
> const long SQL_PC_ON = 1L;
> /* retcode = */ SQLSetConnectOption(hdbc, SQL_PRESERVE_CURSORS,  
> Is this true for all version of MS SQL Server or just for an old ones?
> Is it the same for Sybase as well?
> What I will gain/lose when this will be disabled?
> Thank you.
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