[freetds] SQLDescribeParam not supported by freeTDS Driver? Any work-around.

nitin sayare nitinsayare at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 08:09:13 EDT 2009

Hi All,
           I am using freeTDS Version 0.64 to access MSSQL-2005 database
from my Linux machine. I am trying to retrieve the meta-data of the
parameters of the Prepared statement, using SQLDescribeParam(), but when I
call SQLDescribeParam() it gives me error saying "This function is not
supported by the driver". Also, I have checked whether the driver supports
the automatic retrieval of IPD (using SQLGetDescField with SQL_ATTR_AUTO_IPD
attribute) but it returns SQL_FALSE which means it doesn't support aotomatic
retrieval of IPD. (The idea was, I can get the metadata using
SQLGetDescField or SQLGetDescRec). Is there any work-around for this

Thanks in advance.

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