[freetds] Feedback wanted

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon Jun 22 21:08:31 EDT 2009

Per Stenebo wrote:
> I would be most grateful if anyone from you guys would like to stop by
> and have a look at it so I can make some corrections

	"replace <dbuser> with <'DOMAINNAME\dbuser'> (apostrophe before and
Tests suggest that <DOMAINNAME\\dbuser> also work."


That is a shell feature.  Cf. sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.  Single-quotes and
backslashes are two ways to escape the backslash separating the domain
name from the username.  (The character is properly called a "single
quotation mark", by the way.  It's an "apostrophe" only when it's used
alone.  No matter what Unicode calls it!)  

In your Troubleshooting section, I recommend src/apps/odbc to test the
osql connection.  It's a shell script that attempts to automatically
verify the ODBC setup. 

	"unixODBC - is an API"

Inte precis, nej.  ODBC defines an Application Programming Interface. 
Some of the API is implemented by a "driver manager".  unixODBC is a
driver manager.  

	"freetds - adding drivers för Sybase and Microsoft"

Please call it "FreeTDS", and you probably don't want the dots over that

Hoppas det hjälper dig en liten bit.  Har det bra.  


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