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Craig A. Berry craigberry at mac.com
Sat Jun 20 20:40:56 EDT 2009

On Jun 20, 2009, at 4:26 PM, James K. Lowden wrote:

> Craig A. Berry wrote:

>> How about we add it to the reasons to ditch CVS and switch to git or
>> Mercurial?
> How to put this exactly?  You can't expect a guy who maintains a 20- 
> year
> old API in a 40-year old language to rush into using new tools?

I don't expect you to rush into anything, James, plus I'm hardly in a  
position to model trendiness in the technologies I spend my own time  
on :-). I'm also pretty sure C isn't quite 40 yet (remember, the first  
Unix was PDP-7 assembler with paper tape storage).

> it appears svn doesn't support local keyword substitution at all

To me, having the source control system sprinkle traces of itself  
inside the source files it's tracking is an eccentricity of CVS that  
should be discarded.  But if it works and people are comfortable with  
it, doing something about it is certainly a very low priority.

There are some advantages to the newer tools.  I've been dragged  
kicking and screaming into using some that I've ended up being glad to  
learn about.  But FreeTDS needs new people sending patches more than  
it needs new ways to marshal them into the repository.  So I will shut  
up now.
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