[freetds] Make problem....

Christos Zoulas christos at zoulas.com
Wed Jun 17 19:46:24 EDT 2009

On Jun 17,  7:19pm, jklowden at freetds.org ("James K. Lowden") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: [freetds] Make problem....

| Clint Hopper wrote:
| > odbc.c:802: error: conflicting types for 'SQLParamOptions'
| > /usr/include/sqlext.h:1893: error: previous declaration of
| > 'SQLParamOptions'
| Post those two lines, so we can see the types.  It might also help to see
| them after the preprocessor has done its thing.  
| What hardware architecture are you compiling for?  
| What DM are you using, and what version?  Show the RCS tags for the files,
| if extant. 
| $ ident ~/freetds/src/odbc/odbc.c
| .../freetds/src/odbc/odbc.c:
|      $Id: odbc.c,v 1.511 2009/05/28 16:23:32 freddy77 Exp $
| If you don't have ident(1), "grep '\$Id'" should work.  

Can we please switch to a LocalID identifier?


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