[freetds] Make problem....

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Jun 17 19:19:07 EDT 2009

Clint Hopper wrote:
> odbc.c:802: error: conflicting types for 'SQLParamOptions'
> /usr/include/sqlext.h:1893: error: previous declaration of
> 'SQLParamOptions'

Post those two lines, so we can see the types.  It might also help to see
them after the preprocessor has done its thing.  

What hardware architecture are you compiling for?  

What DM are you using, and what version?  Show the RCS tags for the files,
if extant. 
$ ident ~/freetds/src/odbc/odbc.c
     $Id: odbc.c,v 1.511 2009/05/28 16:23:32 freddy77 Exp $

If you don't have ident(1), "grep '\$Id'" should work.  


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