[freetds] Missing ClientCharset parameter description on documentation?

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 04:04:05 EDT 2009

2009/6/4 James K. Lowden <jklowden at freetds.org>:
>> I was wondering with the ClientCharset ODBC data source parameter is not
>> described
> Right.  Thanks for mentioning it.  It was not in doc/userguide.sgml,
> either.  (Just an example of how the user guide lags behind
> functionality.)  Updated.

What about this patch

diff -u -1 -0 -r1.123 userguide.sgml
--- doc/userguide.sgml  4 Jun 2009 03:45:33 -0000       1.123
+++ doc/userguide.sgml  4 Jun 2009 07:31:45 -0000
@@ -1529,23 +1529,24 @@
        <entry>The TCP port  where the dataserver is listening.  </entry>
        <entry>Any valid protocol version</entry>
        <entry>Depends on the TDS version specified with
        <entry>TDS protocol version to use (e.g., 5.0, 7.0).</entry>
-       <entry>A name recognized by the iconv library linked to FreeTDS</entry>
-       <entry>Taken from the LANG environment variable, maybe?</entry>
-       <entry>Character set (encoding) used by the client.  </entry>
+       <entry>A name recognized by the iconv library linked to FreeTDS.
+       This correspond to <literal>client charset</> in
+       <entry>ISO8859-1</entry>
+       <entry>Character set (encoding) used by the client.</entry>
        <entry>Free form text, up to 30 characters.  </entry>
        <entry>Application name.  Identifies the connecting
application to the server.  </entry>


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