[freetds] Sending dbnumeric in dbrpcparam

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon Jun 1 23:45:37 EDT 2009

Damien Churchill wrote:
> >> Here is the code that I've tried: http://pastebin.com/f69a761d7
> >
> > http://manuals.sybase.com/onlinebooks/group-cnarc/cng1110e/dblib/@Generic__BookTextView/34413;pt=39614
> >
> >        "The value of type indicates the datatype of *value. See
> > "Types" for more information. For types that have no C equivalent,
> > dbconvert_ps to initialize *value."
> Hmm, I gave this a try and it still fails with the same error. 

Um, that's not possible?  The advice is to convert your numeric value to a
"known" type -- a C string, say -- and bind your parameter to that
(intermediate) buffer.  Line 63 becomes:

ret = dbrpcparam(dbproc, "@idecimal", 0, SYBCHAR, -1, strlen(tmp), (BYTE

At that point, it's just a plain-vanilla RPC call.  

> Would this only work with Sybase perhaps? 

It should work regardless of TDS protocol.  The server interaction is
different, but the API (and its limitations) are the same.  

FWIW, there's no technical reason dbrpcparam couldn't deal directly with
these types.  It's not specified by the vendors, but it's a reasonable
extension.  In case you want to try your hand at it.  



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