[freetds] Support for new SQL Server 2008 types and Native SQL Client specifics

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Wed May 27 01:38:28 EDT 2009

Il giorno mar, 26/05/2009 alle 15.15 +0200, Sebastien FLAESCH ha
> Hi all,
> We have customers asking for SQL Server 2008 ODBC access with support
> of the new data types such as DATETIME2, TIME2...
> I believe the ODBC layer needs to support structures such as DATE_STRUCT,
> TIME_STRUCT and some sqlncli.h definitions like the SQL_SS_TIME2 ...
> What is the current status of MSSQL 2008 support?

Easy to say... currently no support :(
I prefer to implement wide support which was more complicate.

As usual patches or tests are always welcome. Fixed types like these are
not hard to code but I would prefer to support even (n)varchar(max)
before (which is sql 2005).

> Thanks!
> Seb


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