[freetds] Wide characters support status and roadmap

Frediano Ziglio freddy77 at gmail.com
Fri May 22 12:08:30 EDT 2009

  as somebody should have noted from latest commit I finally found some
time so continue my test and fix on SQLWCHAR support. I hope to finish
latest test (genparams).

Time ago I added two scripts to CVS:
- misc/prepare_win32.sh: this script cross compile freetds for win32 and
win64 and package all test/libraries ready to test or manually deploy on
a windows system. There is also an option to compile dblib against ms
- misc/sybase_tests: this script alter dblib Makefiles in order to
compile dblib tests again Sybase libraries
Feel free to use to compare the three dblib implementations (MS, Sybase
and FreeTDS) or ODBC ones (MS and FreeTDS)

About stopover I remember:
- connect/login cleanup. Finished ??
- bcp file encoding property
- fix "seems dblib can get TDS protocol wrong in unusual case" report
- documentation updates... I don't remember if we updated it...

Frediano Ziglio

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