[freetds] fisql or ssqldb or sqsh.....

Keehan Mallon keehan_mallon at yahoo.com
Wed May 20 14:04:11 EDT 2009

I just finished changing our code to work using bsqldb with the -i, -o, -e syntax.  I would have used the here-doc syntax if I thought it was supported.  I looked at the man page, but didn't understand that here-doc style was an option.  I guess I should have got that from the statement that bsqldb is a filter and can use standard input, output and error.

Thanks for the reply.  It seems like a very easy to use utility.  It is very nice that the FreeTDS utilities are so compatible with the MS utilities.  I have now ported bcp to freebcp and osql to bsqldb.



From: James K. Lowden <jklowden at freetds.org>
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Subject: Re: [freetds] fisql or ssqldb or sqsh.....

Keehan Mallon wrote:
> I need to be able to issue something like:
> fisql -S $tdsname -U $user -P $password -Q $SQL

Why not use a here-document:

$ cat t.sql
#! /bin/sh

bsqldb -U$U -P$P -S$S <<SQL
select type, xusertype, allownulls
from systypes
where variable = 1

$ ./t.sql
type  xusertype  allownulls
----  ---------  ----------
  39        231           1
  39        256           0
  37        165           1
  39        167           1
4 rows affected

Adding a -C or -Q option to bsqldb wouldn't be hard, but reading from
standard input is much more flexible.  




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