[freetds] Does FreeTDS support access to SQL Server 2000/2005 from HPUX 11i on 64-bit Itanium

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>We are going to try to install again.  Are there any environment
>variables that need set prior to running the "make" and "config"?  

Before jumping to any conclusion, I would suggest to ask the company that made
the library you are using. It's quite possible that they provide the binaries
that compatible only with 32 bit architecture.

Also, don't try to re-install yet. Since you are using ODBC you can try to
install unixODBC on the machine (ODBC DM) if you don't have it already, and then
turn the tracing option on. This will produce a log file for the ODBC functions
call. This way you will know which software to blame for the failure.

Thank you.

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>2000/2005 from HPUX 11i on 64-bit Itanium
>Betty Gwon wrote:
>> Can someone please tell me if I can use FreeTDS to extract data from 
>> an SQL server 2000 and a SQL Server 2005
>> server from an Itanium (64-bit) server?   
>> Sorry, correction.  I need to know if we can connect to SQL Server 
>> 2000 and 2008.
>Answer to all questions is Yes.  FreeTDS works on any 64-bit
>architecture for which it compiles.  
>64-bit ODBC is a little tricky though.  The ODBC 3.0 specification was
>not 64-bit clean, meaning there were places where pointers were passed
>as integers.  AIUI this has all been resolved if you use the right
>versions of everything, especially of the Driver Manager.  
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