[freetds] Can't write to DB using stored procedure

Bodo Schulze bobesch at letras.net
Mon May 18 18:13:01 EDT 2009

Thanks again for your help. We tracked the error down. Indeed it was not
a FreeTDS issue, but a matter of correctly using DBD::Sybase with
placeholders AND an output param that returns error codes.  The docs
aren't very clear on this point, IMHO.

Thanks again,


> Bodo Schulze wrote:
> > util.c:162:Changed query state from READING to IDLE
> > token.c:2232:                rows_affected = 0
> > util.c:110:logic error: cannot change query state from IDLE to PENDING
> > ct.c:1157:ct_results() process_result_tokens returned 1 (type 4053)
> > </freetds.log>
> > 
> > So there's a "logic error". Lines 2216-2221 indicate that the state is
> > changed from READING to IDLE on certain conditions
> That "logic error" line is just a note to the developers and other
> hackers.  
> The client tracks the state of the TDS connection so that it can return
> errors to the client if requests are made out of order.  (That also helps
> avoid the server spanking us by dropping the connection for sending
> invalid packets.)  In this case, the client is behaving correctly, but the
> library isn't tracking the state correctly; somewhere we missed an update
> to the state from IDLE to "sending query" or something like that.  
> HTH.  
> --jkl
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