[freetds] freetds 0.82 and unixodbc 2.2.14 on a Shared Linux Host

iODBC Maintainer iodbc at openlinksw.com
Sun May 3 16:08:58 EDT 2009

Hi Robert,

> I successfully replaced unixODBC with iodbc and had no troubles
> finding the iodbc headers and compiling a functional freetdsodbc
> driver.
> Bummer as iodbc seems to be a bit stale.  Does anyone know if I'm
> giving up any important functionality going to iodbc?

No you will not loose functionality by using iODBC. All driver managers 
implement the same ODBC 3.52 API standard as specified by the relevant 
Microsoft documents.

iODBC is still under active maintenance. Since the current API is 
already several years old, there has not been much to do except for the 
occasional bugfix. So consider the current version stable/mature.

There are some new developments in the pipeline, as Microsoft all of a 
sudden have started to discuss some changes to the ODBC standard. I will 
  announce further plans on the iodbc mailing list when the time has come.


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