[freetds] freetds silently truncating text/varchar/etc fields to 80 characters

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Apr 22 19:33:37 EDT 2009

Robert Jay wrote:
> Using freetds v0.83.dev.20090421 (threadsafe, default tds version=5.0)
> connecting to a SQL2005 server i found that all of my text fields in
> INSERTs were being truncated to 80 characters.

Could you post a TDSDUMP log of a short session that illustrates the
problem?  If you've found a bug, I'd like to see it fixed.  

I don't see any relationship between what you describe and the code you're
pointing to, unless perhaps if you're using TDS 4.2.  Otherwise
placeholders in Perl -- which is what tds7_build_param_def_from_query() is
for -- won't work because the ct-lib functionality requires server-side
support not provided by Microsoft servers.  

With TDS 4.2, however paramaterized queries are strictly a client-side
string substitution.  Not that many people use TDS 4.2, and maybe you've
found something.  


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