[freetds] FreeTDS Pylons Problem

Todd Hanson Todd.Hanson at mariner-qs.com
Mon Apr 13 13:08:02 EDT 2009

I have set up a Pylons environment on an Ubuntu server which I am using
as my platform for distributing my intraweb applications within my
organization.  I have created a python controller in Pylons which acts
as the connection conduit between my web applications and my backend SQL
2000 Server.  The python controller is utilizing the python pymssql
library (http://pymssql.sourceforge.net/support.html) in conjunction
with FreeTDS to make the connection and requests to the SQL Server.  
This environment works great as long as I only make a single request
against the Pylons controller at a time.  If simultaneous requests are
made against the controller (i.e. request 1 is running and has not
returned a result yet and a new request is made against the controller)
Pylons blows out completely with a single line error pointing to FreeTDS
as the culprit.  I have run some tests and found I am able to make
simultaneous calls against different Pylon controller names all which
are using FreeTDS without an error but as stated above never
successfully to the same Pylons controller.
I have attached the freetds.log file which does not appear to give a
clear error but hopefully will help shed some light on what the problem
might be.
Thank you for any help and insight you may be able to provide me.
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