[freetds] Compiling FreeTDS under Windows (howto & question)

Eloy Lafuente stronk7 at moodle.org
Mon Mar 2 04:02:33 EST 2009

Frediano Ziglio escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I've downloaded 0.82 release and applied post patches
>> (20090227) and have been able to build dblib.lib properly. B-)
>> Then, I've tried to build the PHP extension (dblib.dll) and
>> have ended with this error:
>> unresolved external symbol _hmac_md5
>> To fix that, I've added the hmac_md5.c and hmac_md5.h to the
>>  libTDS project sources/includes and, after rebuilding
>> dblib.lib, PHP dll has been created properly.
>> Just guessing if adding hmac_md5.* to the libTDS project (as
>> I've done) is the correct way to fix the problem and if that
>> should be also in the post patch.
>> TIA and ciao :-)
> You are right, project updated

Thanks Freddy!

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