[freetds] make check results/errors

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Thu Feb 5 21:41:32 EST 2009

Hi Knut, 

I'm very interested in your experience, and I'm happy to get good libtool
rpath advice.  The unit tests for a long time had an RPATH that pointed to
the installed libraries.  As you noted, that wasn't the best solution. 
You came across my current solution, which Works For Me (tm).  Better
would be better, to be sure.  
> the ctlib tests all pass.

That might be because there aren't as many.  

> make-check-tds.txt:FAIL: convert

$ make convert && ./convert | grep fail
`convert' is up to date.
failed (-3) to convert 39 (varchar, 1 bytes) : 36 (uniqueidentifier).

Expected as of now.  Previously that pair was not in the matrix.  

> make-check.dblib.txt:FAIL: t0001
> make-check.dblib.txt:sqlexec FAIL: done_handling
> *Anyone interested in more details?*

Very much so.  The unit tests should work every day on all platforms.  

t0001?  How odd!  What does TDSDUMP say about it?  

> Can *I* do something to get better results?

It would seem so.  Patches welcome?  

I am running CVS HEAD of course.  I have a bunch more Win64 patches on the



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