[freetds] Question about max size of a dbrpcparam

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Oct 8 18:15:26 EDT 2008

Navdeep Shergill wrote:
> I am using v0.64RC2 of FreeTDS. I am trying to call a stored proc on
> SQL2005 server that takes in a image parameter. Here is my logic..
>             dbrpcparam(ldbproc,"@id",0,SYBCHAR,-1,strID.length(),idB);
>             dbrpcparam(ldbproc, "@table"
> ,0,SYBCHAR,-1,strTable.length(),focusB);
>             dbrpcparam(ldbproc, "@name"
> ,0,SYBCHAR,-1,strFileName.length(),nameB);
>             dbrpcparam(ldbproc, "@title"
> ,0,SYBCHAR,-1,strTitle.length(),titleB);
>             dbrpcparam(ldbproc, "@update"
> ,0,SYBCHAR,-1,updateFlag.length(),updateB);
>             dbrpcparam(ldbproc,"@content"
> ,0,SYBIMAGE,-1,numbytes,(BYTE*)memArea);
>             dbrpcsend(ldbproc)
> The image type is being fed with a byte pointer that holds the contents
> of a file. This thing works file as long as the file is of a smaller
> size. I have tried up to 30mb and it works fine. The problem happens
> when I try to pass in files larger than 35mb+. 

It is quite difficult for me to test this because my test server is on the
other end of a DSL line.  And you're using a pre-release version of an old

If you can confirm the problem still exists in 0.82, post a log file (it
will be big!) where I can download it.  We'll see what can be done from



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