[freetds] libtdsocdbc.so

Minoo, Dariush dariush.minoo at citi.com
Fri Sep 19 10:23:27 EDT 2008

I have already compiled and installed unixODBC. I didn't quite
what you mean by:

and also install development files (-dev or -devel package usually)

Is this another package that I download from somewhere or is it already
in unixODBC?

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> I have downloaded and compiled freetds-0.82 in my linux environment.
> I am able to connect to SQLServer using tsql. I need to connect to 
> SQLServer in a C/C++ program. To do this through ODBC, I need the 
> libtdsodbc.so, which was not generated when I did the make and make 
> install. I have noticed that freetds-0.82/src/odbc directory is 
> missing the isql.h and isqlext.h files.
> Is odbc for freetds still in development or I missed something? Any 
> help will be greatly appreciated.

I would say yes :)

isql.h/isqlext.h or sql.h/sqlext.h are DM (DriverManager) files. You
have to choose which DM you want to use (iODBC or unixODBC in Linux,
Ubuntu and RedHat use unixODBC) install it and also install development
files (-dev or -devel package usually), than you can compile FreeTDS (it
detect automatically which DM to use and compile it).
More informations on our UserGuide, as usual.


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