[freetds] Type table

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Mon Sep 15 04:07:14 EDT 2008

  I'm writing a small table to keep all type information consistent. Anyone can comment
it? I have some missing informations, some questions and ideas.

missing informations
- how should I fill correctly varint for blobs/variant and other strange types??
"classics" like IMAGE/TEXT (with timestamp and table name) use 4 but SYBLONGCHAR use 5
(only 4 bytes length).
- I don't know SYBVOID, MS UDT and MS XML that much
- some types have different encoding based on usertype (SYBLONGBINARY for instance), how
should I fill ascii/unicode

- define some "supertype" for conversions?? Supertype should represent a class of types
(ie INT1/INT2/INT4/INT8 -> INT, any DATE/TIME -> DATETIME) so tdsconvert should convert
sybase -> supertype -> sybase ? The idea is to semplify log switches, for instance for
SYBINT2 -> SYBCHAR conversion we could convert SYBINT2 -> INT -> SYBCHAR.

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