[freetds] One row good, two rows "memory exhausted"

Mark Bird markabird at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 14 17:59:46 EDT 2008

Thanks everybody, that did it! I must have been using an old tutorial on the web. Changing the extension to --with-mssql did the trick.

Thank you both so much for your help.


> From: fdsubs at t-online.hu
> To: freetds at lists.ibiblio.org
> Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 18:25:09 +0200
> Subject: Re: [freetds] One row good, two rows "memory exhausted"
> On Sep 14, 2008, at 18:12, Mark Bird wrote:
> > Thanks so much, here's my php info page: 
> > index.php.
> It seems you are using the db-lib Sybase PHP extension.
> That's a really rare choice.
> Generally people use the db-lib MSSQL PHP extension (--with-mssql) for  
> MS SQL access, and the ct-lib Sybase-CT PHP extension (--with-sybase- 
> ct) for Sybase databases.
> I haven't even heard of anyone else trying to use the --with-sybase  
> extension with PHP in connection with FreeTDS.
> That is likely causing your issue.
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