[freetds] One row good, two rows "memory exhausted"

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Sun Sep 14 11:20:25 EDT 2008

Mark Bird wrote:
> Looks like you're right about dbsetopt  being
> called with 14 as the first argument

Yes, it's here:

> dblib.c:4208:dbsetopt(0x55555a49f170, 14, 2, -1)

That sets the row buffer to two rows.  I bet this query works:

	select 1 as Q
	select 2

but more than two rows fails.  

Perhaps whether or not row buffering is used is under user control, or
perhaps you can use another version that doesn't use it or uses it

Please provide details on the PHP module you're using, and contact the
maintainer.  I'm happy to work with them to correct any flaws in our
implementation and answer any questions about correct use.  


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