[freetds] Does SQL server 2005 with FreeTDS 0.64?

Robert Boehne robertb at trdlnk.com
Thu Sep 11 19:10:12 EDT 2008

Robert Boehne wrote:
> After using MS-SQL server 2000 for over a year with FreeTDS 0.64
> we have a new server now running MS-SQL server 2005 and the old software
> won't connect.  Do I need to upgrade FreeTDS or is this problem
> not related to FreeTDS ?
> locale is "C"
> locale charset is "646"
> Msg 4062, Level 11, State 1, Server CONSTELLATION4, Line 1
> Cannot open user default database. Using master database instead.
> There was a problem connecting to the server
This is definitely a problem with the user configuration on the server side.

I can connect using TDSVER = 4.2  or 7.0 but 8.0 just hangs for a long
time and then returns an error, and 5.0 returns an error right away.

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