[freetds] connecting to MSSQL 2005

Jeremy Kister freetds-04 at jeremykister.com
Tue Sep 9 12:08:19 EDT 2008

On 9/9/2008 1:05 AM, James K. Lowden wrote:
> Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.  Let's see two TDSDUMP logs using TDS
> Version 8.0, one with 0.63 and the other with 0.82.  (I take it the former
> connects and the latter fails.)  

right, i can use TDSVER=8.0 with 0.63, but cannot with 0.82.  I have 0.63 
and 0.82 on different hosts, so there might be other differences.  I 
suppose I can install 0.63 on the host with 0.82 if need be.


I slightly obfuscated sensitive text in 0.63rc10.txt.


Jeremy Kister

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