[freetds] connecting to MSSQL 2005

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon Sep 8 08:14:33 EDT 2008

Jeremy Kister wrote:
> But with 8.0, i there are still issues, identical to that discussed back
> in  2007q3 at:
> http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/freetds/2007q3/022365.html -- 
> unfortunately there was no published resolution.
> I posted all the versions of software in a previous post.  a tdsdump is
> at  http://jeremy.kister.net/tmp/tdsdump.txt

The end of your log says:

> net.c:1296:handshake succeeded!!
> login.c:735:quietly sending TDS 7+ login packet
> token.c:312:tds_process_login_tokens()
> util.c:334:tdserror(59b10, 57ee0, 20004, 131)
> util.c:368:tdserror: client library returned TDS_INT_CANCEL(2)
> util.c:389:tdserror: returning TDS_INT_CANCEL(2)

which is a read failure ("Read from SQL Server failed"), quite odd.  An
incorrect login should elicit a login failure message, not a simple
connection termination.  

Evidently your server expects something other than what FreeTDS is
providing; that's why SQL Servers normally abruptly drop connections.  It
would take some reverse engineering to figure out why.  Are you in a
position to provide TCP dumps of a working connection?  

> BTW, was the patch I posted correct ?

Sorry, patch?  Maybe I missed it?  



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