[freetds] Antwort: Re: Crazy FreeTDS/PHP/Apache Problem

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Thu Aug 14 11:17:45 EDT 2008

Markus Jung wrote:
> Maybe I made it not clear enough, I had the problems with 0.82 and
> solved  them by
> using 0.64. So my remedy was to downgrade.

You were clear enough.  I'm saying something else: 0.82 absolutely works. 
It definitely connects and sends queries and gets results and works with
Apache.  If it didn't work for you, it *might* be a bug (something I'd
want to fix), but more likely it's a just mistake in your setup.  

IMO it's worth your time to install 0.82 and get it working.  Along the
way you'll solve whatever's wrong with your 0.64 installation.  That's my

Regarding your specific issue, not begin able to connect within Apache, is
1433 the right port?  Are you sure the account running Apache can read

It's not a question of Solaris or compilation options.  The fact that tsql
works assures you of that.  



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