[freetds] Status of UTF-8 support in 0.83 dev

Sebastien FLAESCH sf at 4js.com
Thu Aug 14 10:02:04 EDT 2008


When I print the client and the server charset in tds_convert_string()
called from tds_put_data(), I see:

   char_conv->client_charset.name = "UTF-8"
   char_conv->server_charset.name = "CP1252"

I expected UCS-2 for the server charset...????

Hence it's normal that the conversion of non-CP1252 compatible chars
like 鴻 result in error...

I appears that curcol->char_conv points to the client2server_chardata
TDSICONV structure, because in tds_set_param_type(), the data type is
not identified as a UNICODE type...

So when binding the buffers with sqltype SQL_[VAR]CHAR, it appears that
the Sybase type used is not "UNICODE"...

Should I then bind with SQL_WCHAR / SQL_WVARCHAR?

I made a little test (attached, with log)... still failing.

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