[freetds] [PATCH] Configurable TCP KeepAlives

Jackson, Craig (Gale) Craig.Jackson at cengage.com
Mon Aug 11 12:14:13 EDT 2008

I actually would prefer to see these options be available.

Due to the increasing use of things like firewalls, we're finding many
situations where the traditional 2-hour keepalive for TCP is useless.
(Our firewalls have a 60-minute idle timeout that is not easily

So we end up additional blather at the application level just to
keep things alive.


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Andrew Victor wrote:
> The attached patch allows the TCP KeepAlive settings to be
> configurable via the freetds.conf file.
> The new settings are:
>    keepalive idle             (seconds)
>    keepalive interval      (seconds)
>    keepalive count         (counter)

I don't intend to apply this patch to the distributed code.  AFAIK Sybase
provides no such control over low-level TCP/IP details.  For most people
they're a source of confusion and potential error.

I haven't been able to look into it carefully, but it wouldn't be
difficult to expose the socket descriptor for a connection, if it's not
already possible.  The application could then call ioctl(2) itself.

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