[freetds] Open dblib connection without config file

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Mon Aug 11 09:59:44 EDT 2008

Gregor Püttmann wrote:
> is there a way to open a connection via dblib without using a config  
> file? 

If the name you provide isn't found in any configuration file, the library
will attempt first to parse it as a numeric address and, failing that,
will try to resolve it via DNS.  You can append the port number to the
name to override the default, and use TDSVER or dbsetversion() to set the
version number.  (See dblib.c::dbsetversion for valid values.) 

$ TDSVER=7.0 tsql -S AC03NJS0878:2500 -U $U -P $P
locale is "C"
locale charset is "646"



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