[freetds] bcp API usage

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Aug 6 09:36:54 EDT 2008

dana2 wrote:
> I'm migrating from Windows to Linux
> and would like to continue to use db lib bcp API with FreeTDS for bulk
> inserts into SQL Server 2008.
> Which header file should I include (ssqldb.h,sybdb.h or some other
> file) since there is no odbcss.h?
> With which library should I link?

The only place I can think of where this is documented is by-the-way in
the UG:


Files Required to Build the Sample Code

      libsybdb.a or libsybdb.so 

HTH.  You mention odbcss.h, which is an ODBC header file.  BCP is not
supported in the FreeTDS ODBC driver.  


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