[freetds] Cannot connect to MSSQL named instance

Bob Hetzel beh at case.edu
Wed Jul 30 10:50:15 EDT 2008

Does the firewall on the SQL Server allow connections on port 1434 from 
the machine with TDS on it?


Colin Adams wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using FreeTDS 0.82 to try to connect to MSSQL databases from Linux
> with TDS version 8.0 .
> This works fine if I specify the port number, but not if I specify the
> instance name.
> Doing an strace on tsql shows that it is send a datagram request to
> port 1434 as documented, but does not receive a reply.
> My database adminstrator thinks this must be some kind of problem with
> the MSSQL browser service, but does not know the answer yet. I was
> wandering if any orher FreeTDS users had encountered this problem.
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