[freetds] unicode

Murray, Laura (US) Laura.Murray at am.jll.com
Tue Jul 29 14:11:59 EDT 2008

Still troubleshooting the problem with Japanese Characters getting
garbled upon transmission from Oracle db to SQL Server db using freetds
.64 and unixodbc 2.2.12.
My colleauge found this suggestion...what do you think?:

"Please try to change FreeTDS's client char set setting from UTF-8 to
EUCJP-MS as below.

1) add code EUCJP-MS to 'src/tds/encodings.h'.

2) change strings buffer from 256 to 100000 in 'src/tds/write.c'.

3) modify freetds.conf as such:  client charset=EUCJP-MS

I implemented 2) and 3) but for 1) did not know where to put the code in
the file.  Also, just wanted to know if you approve of this approach, in
general.  If so.....after these modifications, do I need to redo the
freetds "make" and "make install"?


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Murray, Laura (US) wrote:
> I also tried some settings in freetds.conf to get a log file....but
> still no log file:
> [jjptrng]
>         host = xx.xx.x.xx   <---didn't want to post our ip....:)
>         port = 1433
>         tds version = 8.0
>         client charset = UTF-8
>         dump file = /opt/oracle/odbc/etc/freetds.log
>         debug level = 10
>         dump file append = yes

Both alternatives work.  If you use TDSDUMP, the variable must exist in
the environment of the process running the FreeTDS library.  I can
that would be a little tricky with your setup.  

If you use the "dump file" property of freetds.conf, be sure you're
an ODBC-Combined configuration.  (I assume your gateway relies on ODBC.)

If you don't specify the server using the "Servername" connection
attribute, freetds.conf will not be consulted and the dump file will not
be generated.  



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