[freetds] FreeTDS v0.82 doesn't install static libs

RW Salnick bob at salnick.cac.washington.edu
Tue Jul 29 13:34:49 EDT 2008

RW Salnick wrote:
/>/ What must we do to get v 0.82 to build and install:
/>/    * /usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib/libtdssrv.a
/>/    * /usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib/libtds.a

Both are built automatically:

$ find build -name \*.a | grep tds

They aren't installed by "make install" because they're not needed for
normal applications.  You can just copy them to



We have done that.  And when I try to link to the libraries, this is what I get:

cc -o tester -I. -I/usr/local/freetds-0.82/include -L./ -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib tester.c lowlevel.o -lsponsorbilling /usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib/libsybdb.a /usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib/libtdssrv.a /usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib/libtds.a
/usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib/libsybdb.a(util.o)(.text+0x353): In function `tds_gettime_ms':
    /usr/users/rwhite/freetds-0.82/src/tds/util.c:216: undefined reference to `clock_gettime'
/usr/local/freetds-0.82/lib/libsybdb.a(net.o)(.text+0x721): In function `goodread':
    /usr/users/rwhite/freetds-0.82/src/tds/net.c:536: undefined reference to `gnutls_record_recv'

[ and about a million more of these ]

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