[freetds] PHP 5.2.6 + pdo_dblib + FreeTDS 0.64 -- tds_open_socket:Unknown error: 0

Thomas, Christopher (LLU) cwthomas at llu.edu
Thu Jul 24 18:21:48 EDT 2008

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> Subject: [freetds] PHP 5.2.6 + pdo_dblib + FreeTDS 0.64 --
> tds_open_socket:Unknown error: 0
> This began after an upgrade to FreeBSD 7.0.  I've been trying to track
> it down for a while now.
> The strange thing is that the same exact script works fine via the
> Apache module, just not the command line.  There are no special
> environment variables set in Apache.

One time I had to re-compile PHP from an srpm package on RHEL. I was
wondering why it took 45 min to compile when PHP is so small. After
poking around, I found out 3 versions were compiled: mod_php, fast-cgi,
and cli. That's why it took so long.

You might have different versions on your box too. I would run a script
with php_info() both on apache and on the command line and compare the
output. You might see that a module isn't loaded or something.


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