[freetds] FreeTDS and UTF-8 support

Sebastien FLAESCH sf at 4js.com
Thu Jul 24 10:57:07 EDT 2008

James K. Lowden wrote:
> Sebastien FLAESCH wrote:
>> I think FreeTDS could support all single-byte or multi-byte character
>> sets if:
>> 1) The application (main) calls setlocale() to define the current
>> charset for libc functions like mbtowc, wctomb, mblen (that would
>> include UTF-8 support).
> I think we are nearly already there.  We use setlocale(3) to determine the
> client encoding by default, and consult the freetds.conf "client charset"
> property as an override.  


> Instead of the "mb" functions, we use iconv(3).  We do sometimes depend on
> strlen(3), which is one of many reasons that UCS-2 is not supported (yet)
> as a client encoding.  (Another reason is that the APIs sometimes assume
> bytes == characters, or state that they return a pointer to a
> null-terminated string.  Another reason is I'm aware of only two operating
> systems that use any form of wchar_t natively, and they're both
> proprietary.) 
>> SQLPrepare(hp, (char *) "my SQL string in current SBCD or MBCS charset",
>> SQL_NTS);
>> would be mapped to:
>> SQLPrepareW(hp, (wchar_t *) "my SQL string in UCS-2", SQL_NTS);
> I don't think SQLPrepareW is necessary.  SQLPrepare could do both jobs. 

Oh oh take care, the ODBC headers of UnixODBC define SQLPrepareW as follows:

     SQLHSTMT           hstmt,
     SQLWCHAR        *szSqlStr,
     SQLINTEGER         cbSqlStr);

while SQLPrepare is defined as:

     SQLHSTMT           hstmt,
     SQLCHAR             *szSqlStr,
     SQLINTEGER         cbSqlStr);

SQLWCHAR is #define UNICODE dependent, and I think it can be wchar_t,
while SQLCHAR can only be char.

Don't know how you can deal with this without an explicit cast (char *) but that's
really not a good idea IMHO.

Anyway, I am not sure SQLPrepareW() / wchar_t is really an immediate need on UNIX.

So if you support SQLPrepare() for single-byte and multi-byte charsets it's great.



To share my experience with Microsoft Native Client ODBC programming in WideChar,
concerning SQL parameter binding and column description:

It appears that the "LengthPrecision" parameter of SQLBindParameter() must be passed
as a number of characters, not a number of bytes, while the size of the data buffer
(StrLen_or_Ind) has to be specified in bytes. Can be confusing...

Fortunately, when using SQLDescribeCol(), the ColumnSize output param holds a number
of characters, not bytes.


>> WARNING: wchar_t on UNIX is 4 bytes while UCS-2 and wchar_t on Windonws
>> is 2 bytes.
> Thanks for that.  I didn't know.  
> Regards, 
> --jkl
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