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Jason Young (Morgon) morgon at mygamercard.net
Tue Jul 22 13:12:23 EDT 2008


FreeTDS does support Unicode using an iconv wrapper defined when you set 
the "client charset = UTF8" in freetds.conf like it sounds like you've done.

SQL Server is a pain in regards to sending UTF strings, as you'll need 
to prefix all of your quoted strings with capital N, for example:
INSERT INTO utf8_table (utf8string) VALUES (N'???')

Same if you're using stored procedures as well.

Someone tells me that this follows the ANSI standard -- why SQL Server 
only chooses to follow the standard when it's more of a pain to the 
user, I'll never know ;)

Hope this helps,

Murray, Laura (US) wrote:
> Hi,
> We have been successfully using freetds to communicate from our Oracle
> 9.2 database to a SQL Server database for quite some time.  We have
> recently run into a problem, however, with Asian languages.  Japanese
> and Chinese characters appear properly in our Oracle database, but
> become garbled when we try to send them to the SQL Server database using
> freetds.  Does freetds support Unicode?  I saw something on the site
> that said it did not, but then found another page that said that it
> did....so I am not sure!  I also found some postings about getting
> around this problem by setting the client charset = GB2312  in the
> freetds.conf file.  I tried that and also tried setting it to UTF-8.
> Neither worked.  
> In our freetds.conf file it lists our tds version as 8.0
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> --Laurie 
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