[freetds] Character conversion errorwithspecialcharacters(umlauts)

Stefan Axelsson Stefan.Axelsson at ltkalmar.se
Tue Jul 22 04:51:16 EDT 2008


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>Stefan Axelsson wrote:
>> Just tested something else, as I realized I hadn't. isql lets me 
>> update the records with åäö in them just fine. Checking on the server 
>> and the updated data is as it should be. Getting the records back 
>> through isql (SELECT * FROM tablename) works fine. Using my Perl-script returns ?
>> Where the åäö should be.
>> Unfortunately I'm still rather confused about what talks to what, and 
>> how. And I'm even more in the dark when it comes to how to track what 
>> happens step-by-step. All I've gotten to work so far is the logging I 
>> can enable in odbcinst.ini-file. So if you, or anyone else, have any 
>> ideas, hints, tricks...do tell. I'd so prefere to solve this and not 
>> just install some other distro/port to Windows.
>Ledsen att säga, det är inte enkelt.  :-(
>The server announces its encoding during the login sequence.  For non-UCS2 columns, the encoding is set by server or database defaults, or (in SQL Server >200[05]) by column.  sp_helpsort should show you yours (although I think you know yours already). 
>The client's encoding is determined first by the locale.  It can be overridden in freetds.conf.  To use the override feature for an ODBC connection, you >must cause the ODBC driver to read freetds.conf.  To do that, use the "Servername" (not "server") property in the DSN entry, naming the section in 
>freetds.conf where the encoding ("client charset") is specified.  (I think you could set the client charset in the "[global]"
>section, instead, if you prefer.)  
>As long as both encodings can represent all the characters you need, you're OK.  It is not necessary to use USC-2 on the server.  It is necessary only 
>that the intersection of the two encodings satisfies your requirements. 
>Now, who's the "client" here?  You're running a webserver producing HTML, normally encoded as UTF-8.  And you seem to want UTF-8.  So I think you want 
>either to set your locale to UTF-8 or use and ODBC-Combined configuration to take advantage of the freetds.conf override feature.  
>HTH.  I can provide more if you need it.   Ta det lungt.  

Det var enkelt, tackar. :)

And for the non-swedes (or atleast, swedish speaking). It worked like a charm. I just changed "server" to "servername", restarted Apache (was quite sure that wasn't realy an issue, but better safe than sorry) and it worked flawlessly right away. Sure, had to add a HTTP tag to use UTF-8 for the page in the browser, but that was just one line in one includefile.

So thanks for the help, my boss seems much happier now too. :) Guess I owe you a beer, a coffee or whatever if we would ever run into eachother in RL.

Many thanks!

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