[freetds] Character conversion error with specialcharacters(umlauts)

Stefan Axelsson Stefan.Axelsson at ltkalmar.se
Fri Jul 18 07:32:50 EDT 2008


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>Ämne: Re: [freetds] Character conversion error with specialcharacters(umlauts)
>> Hello everyone,
>> After about a day of googling I've given up on tha path, so I'll 
>> bother you people instead.
>> Basically I've got an Ubuntu server with Apache, mod_perl and the 
>> usual stuff. I've written a simple webapp that communicates with an 
>> MSSQL 8 on a Win2K3 box. This is being done through the (I guess 
>> typical) method of Perl package
>> (DBI) talking to unixODBC/FreeTDS that talks to the server.
<> Normal operation works great, no problems at all. But as soon as I 
>> showed my small app to my boss he broke it. I had totally forgotten to 
>> use non-english words when testing it (I'm a swede, but I code "in 
>> english" and thus I add test data in english too, old habit). So, 
>> adding words with åäö in an INSERT statement broke the application.
>> Checking logs gave me an error: [unixODBC][FreeTDS][SQL Server]Error 
>> converting client characters into server's character set. Some 
>> character(s) could not be converted.
>> Google helped me narrow it down, but I found no way to solve it. I've 
>> checked that iconv can translate it, it does so perfectly. I've tried 
>> some "common" special characters (like the ' ) and it works just fine. 
>> I've made sure I use nvarchar in the database (missed that at first, 
>> but changing it didn't help). My best guess atm is that the characters 
>> I want to use will "grow" during conversion (i.e. each byte becomes 
>> two
>> bytes) between UTF-2 and UCS-2LE.
>> I've put the logfile for you to have a look at if that helps: 
>> http://pastebin.com/m3a90fc7b
>> Many thanks in advance,
>> Stefan Axelsson
>I think it would be useful to see which characters are inserted. 
>Also did you try ClientCharset option (I don't know your configuration) ??

None are inserted if I use the more national characters. (In extended ASCII that would be (in dec) 132, 134,, 142, 143, 148, 153 (åäöÅÄÖ) <-- If they get through correctly formated. aaoAAO with dots and rings...

If I've missunderstoof you now, do tell me. I'm still quite fresh when it comes to this (old MySQL user realy), and thus I might just missunderstand a few things here and there. ;)

I've set the Client Charset option (both in freetds.conf and in odbc.ini to be sure) to UTF-8. Also tried a few others just to make sure, doesn't help any.

Basically this is my configs: (defaults are kept, so I'll just post the system specifics)

----- /etc/freetds/freetds.conf -----

	host = anonymized.host.name.com
	port = 1433
	tds version = 8.0
	client charset = UTF-8


----- /etc/odbc.ini -----------------

[ODBC Data Sources]
CMDB = Microsoft SQL Server 2003

Driver	= /usr/lib/libtdsodbc.so
Description	= CMDB Data
Trace		= Yes
TraceFile	= /tmp/cmdb_tds.log
Server	= anonymized.host.name.com
Database	= cmdb
TDS_Version	= 8.0



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