[freetds] FreeTDS-0.64 PHP5.2.6 MSSQL stored procedure: no return value

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Wed Jun 25 15:18:23 EDT 2008

touraman traore wrote:
> MSSQL 2005
> PHP 5.2.6
> FreeTDS-0.64
> I was using PHP 5.0.4 with the same
> system above and everything worked great.... I upgraded to the latter
> version.
> Now my stored procedure is inserting data in a table correctly but
> does not return the ID that it used to give me to update other tables.

The log file indicates FreeTDS 0.63.  Perhaps PHP isn't linked as you

I very much recommend upgrading to 0.82.  If you do find an error in 0.64,
I doubt you'll get much sympathy.  Fediano and I are focussed on the
current release and the development branch (CVS HEAD).  



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