[freetds] Problem retrieveing results from bottom to top

James K. Lowden jklowden at freetds.org
Tue Jun 17 18:28:10 EDT 2008

Daniel A. Veiga wrote:
> I believe the approach of MSSQL ODBC driver (fetching the row
> number only when needed) is better than the one I found in the
> jDBC driver. So I implemented
> SQLGetStmtAttr(SQL_ATTR_ROW_NUMBER) that way. 

Hi Daniel, 

I don't want your patch to get lost; it's nice work.  When you don't see
an answer to serious work on this list for a few days, it's usually
because it need serious consideration and no one's been able to look at it

Your patch is a little difficult to apply easily because of how it's
generated.  Could I ask you to redo it?  

The command you want is:

	$ diff -u /path/to/freetds-orig . > odbc.cursor7.diff

while '.' represents the top of your patched FreeTDS source tree.  

A universal diff is much easier to review (for these eyes, at least) and
easier to edit and apply.  If you don't do that, I'll have to apply each
patch one at at time, then use CVS to generate a universal (-u) diff, and
start again.  

Unless Frediano objects, I expect to review and apply your patch more or
less as is and let the chips fall where they may.  If it creates a
problem, we can always back it out.  Of course, I'm not expecting

Thanks for your time.  



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