[freetds] Using PHP mssql_init/bind for sending Unicode to StoredProcedures

Thomas, Christopher (LLU) cwthomas at llu.edu
Mon Jun 9 12:28:17 EDT 2008

You are probably correct in that there is no Unicode support in the
php-mssql library. One of the goals of PHP 6 is to have full Unicode
support. There is a Google SOC person helping to complete this project:
. If you can, I would download a PHP 6 snapshot and install it on a test
box and see what the mssql library looks like. By looking at the logs in
the source tree, I doubt they have got around to it yet. If this is so,
you might consider submitting a ticket to PHP so they know about it.


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> I know this isn't totally FreeTDS' issue, but I was curious if anyone
> else has had experience/success with using PHP's "stored procedure"
> support for MSSQL, as it seems like it'd be a cleaner/safer way than a
> straight EXEC call...
> In any event, perhaps it's simply a lack of NVARCHAR in the php_mssql
> library, but I cannot send UTF8 data to SQL Server using
> mssql_init/bind/execute - yet it's not a general fault in my setup, as
> can "EXEC blah N'<UTF Text>'" just fine.
> Just not supported (yet), or am I missing something?
> Thank you!
> -Jason Young
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