[freetds] [Fwd: Problems configuring php with freetds]

Michael Soh me at mikesoh.com
Mon Jun 9 10:53:24 EDT 2008

Daniel Fazekas <fdsubs at t-online.hu> wrote:
>  From the command line, you could try something like this:
> TDSDUMPCONFIG=stdout TDSDUMP=stdout php /your/script/here.php


> If you built the PHP mssql extension as shared:
> $ php -i | grep extension_dir
> extension_dir => /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20020429

sohmc at kermit:~/www$ php -i |grep extension_dir
extension_dir => ./ => ./

> Or if you liked the PHP mssql extension in statically, check the php
> binary itself:
> $ ldd $(command -V php)

I'm so stupid...I forgot to that I needed to edit the freetds.config
file...I thought I had linked it from the previous version.  Let me play
around with this and let you know if I have further problems.

Thanks for the help.

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