[freetds] Problem retrieveing results from a query with anIMAGE field

Daniel A. Veiga dveiga at advtechnology.com.ar
Wed Jun 4 12:03:21 EDT 2008

This is the smaller (16K) log file I could generate that includes the
error. If you search for "SQLFetchScroll" you'll find that the first
rowset (20 rows) are returned with SQL_SUCCESS, but internally
something went wrong, as any other operation (in the example another
SQLFetchScroll to get the next 20 rows) returns SQL_ERROR and state
24000 (Invalid cursor state).

Note 1: The table has more than 40 rows.
Note 2: Only the first row has data in the blob field (about 100
bytes). If SQLFetchScroll does not get any row with data in the blob
field, no error is reported.
Note 3: The log file was generated under Linux. So it does not contain
'\r\n' after each row, only '\n' as it is standard in that OS. If you
open the file from MS Notepad it is not shown correctly. Please use MS
Wordpad if openning under MS Windows instead.



>> I'm using a Fedora Core 8 and normally use the "Package Updater" to
>> update my system. But after I faced the problem I don't know where I
>> read that the latest version was only available through CVS.
>> That's why
>> before sending a report I downloaded the latest source code via CVS,
>> recompiled and tested again. The info I sent was taken from version
>> 0.82. The last change in the ChangeLog was "Wed May 21 23:51:21 EDT
>> 2008    JK Lowden <jklowden at freetds.org>". AFAIK this should be the
>> latest versión.
>> I'm completely new to TDS, but I'm profficient at C programming, so
>> if
>> I can do anything to help just let me know ...
>> Bye
>>                                    Daniel
> We released version 0.82 just some weeks ago. Just can find it at
> www.freetds.org.
> To build packages just give a "rpmbuild -ta freetds-0.82.tar.gz".
> I think a more detailed odbc trace  as you did for SQLFreeStmt would be
> helpful for us. At least from query to the error.
> freddy77
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